John Manzella

John Manzella

John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker, author of several books, and a nationally syndicated columnist. He's also founder of the, a premier source for global business and economic analysis, and Manzella Trade Communications, Inc., a publishing, public affairs and consulting firm.

John's views have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, NPR, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Newsday, and publications in China, Mexico and around the world.

His books include Global America: Understanding Global and Economic Trends and How To Ensure Competitiveness, Grasping Globalization: It's Impact and Your Corporate Response, and Mexico & NAFTA: The Real Impact, among others.

John is chair of the Upstate New York District Export Council, a position appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Chief Strategy Officer of Ignition Life Solutions, a global enterprise risk management consulting firm, former Executive Director of goTRADE New York, an advocacy coalition sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based Business Roundtable, and former President and CEO of World Trade Center BN.

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John Manzella

Speaking Engagements
John Manzella

John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker on global business, trade policy, labor, and the latest economic trends. His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world's largest corporations and associations preparing for the business, economic and political challenges ahead.

John's topics can be customized and include:

  • International business and trade policy (focus: China, NAFTA and Europe)
  • Labor, skills, automation, and immigration
  • U.S. and global economics and trends
  • Manzella/Navarrette conversation on trade and immigration.

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John is available for speaking engagements via keynotes, webinars, and roundtable discussion sessions which present an opportunity for groups to obtain critical analysis, and share collective knowledge, best practices, insight, problems, and solutions in a confidential environment.

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John Manzella

Consulting Services
John Manzella

John Manzella's services are highly sought after by some of the world's largest corporations, associations and government agencies. Combining in-depth knowledge of global business, economic issues, and strategic communications, he helps clients reduce risk, improve competitiveness, expand internationally, and educate customers, stakeholders, investors, and elected officials. See overview with client list.

  • Roundtable discussion groups
  • Emerging risk landscape consulting
  • Custom publishing/content marketing and video
  • Public and government affairs
  • Public relations and marketing

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Latest Articles From John Manzella

Don’t destroy what makes America great
U.S. | Thursday, November 14, 2019

When I crossed through Checkpoint Charlie from West Berlin to East Berlin nearly 30 years ago, the failures of former East Germany were immediately obvious. The grey unkempt landscape and dilapidated buildings looked as though that country hadn't been repaired since American and Soviet tanks faced off yards apart decades earlier in one of the most tense nuclear showdowns.


U.S.-China trade war damage could last decades
Economy | Wednesday, September 04, 2019

When it comes to international trade, China hasn’t always played by the rules. So the question begs: How do you change that behavior? Engaging in a trade war by imposing tariffs isn’t ideal. To save face, Chinese President Xi Jinping must appear strong and that means responding to U.S. tariff increases with Chinese tariff increases. This tit for tat strategy, which escalated again on September 1, is increasing volatility and uncertainty, while hurting economic growth. But it gets worse.


Critical Issues that Could Kill U.S.-China Trade Progress
Trade & Finance | Monday, June 03, 2019

President Trump has called out China for unfairly subsidizing its state-owned enterprises, not enforcing intellectual property protections, placing trade restrictions on U.S. firms, and pressuring them to hand over technology in exchange for market access. If these problems are eliminated, more U.S. companies will invest there. But is this what President Trump wants?


Don’t Blame Trade and Immigration for America’s Problems
Labor | Saturday, May 18, 2019

I often hear people talk about their difficulties in finding a meaningful job or keeping up with increasing healthcare, housing and education costs. These concerns, along with rising income inequality and a shrinking middle class, are provoking anger. For many, trade and immigration have become convenient villains. But that narrative is wrong. Let me tell you why.


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