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Identify Global Opportunities

The Manzella Report® delivers insightful articles and invaluable analysis on global business, opportunities and risks. Plus, our tremendous volume of research material will help you:

  • Understand what’s occurred and more accurately assess what’s ahead,
  • Improve your corporate strategic plan,
  • Seize the right opportunities, and boost competitiveness and profits.

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Information That Helps Drive Profits

Knowledge isn’t power—it’s everything. Our tremendous collection of informative, analytical and policy-oriented articles from world-renowned authors will help you:

  • Thrive in today's information-driven and increasingly competitive global economy,
  • Better understand the impact of trends and events,
  • Identify misinformation, decrease risks and increase revenues.

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Trends and Forecasts

Volatility and uncertainty are key words we’ll continue to hear. Our invaluable articles and sound analysis will help you comprehend the impact of past events and:

  • Fully grasp and prepare for the challenges ahead,
  • Make better informed decisions that generate profits, and
  • Create more innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Expand Globally 

Today, expansion isn’t important―it’s critical. To remain competitive, companies must study the quickly changing global environment and pursue fast-growing markets. Our stimulating articles and discerning intelligence will help you:

  • More quickly pursue the right markets,
  • Understand foreign environments and their challenges, and
  • Better assess opportunities, reduce risk and increase revenues.

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Economic Details

Economic News

Russia's PM says government has funds to honor social spending pledges
Reuters: Economic News | April 19, 2014

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's government has enough resources honor all its social spending pledges although this will not be easy, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was quoted as telling the country's...[FULL STORY]

General Economy

Putin Needs Victory
RealTime Economic Issues Watch | April 14, 2014

“All we need is victory regardless of the cost.” So runs the refrain in a popular old Soviet film, “The Belarusian Railway Station,” about World War II veterans. This line probably explains President Vladimir Putin’s policy on Ukraine. The latest developments, including the seizure...[FULL STORY]

Global Spin

Institutions for Macroprudential Regulation: The UK and the U.S.
Brookings: Topics - U.S. Economic Performance | April 17, 2014

The U.S. and the world economy still haven’t fully recovered from the global financial crisis that provoked the worst recession since the Great...[FULL STORY]


On The Global Pulse


Japan reboots: Back on track?
The Economist: Asia | April 16, 2014

Was that our alliance flashing past? “I HOPE Ambassador Kennedy will enjoy the full package of Japan,” gushed Shinzo Abe on April 12th as he took America’s ambassador, Caroline Kennedy, on a test ride on Japan’s new magnetic-levitation train past Mount Fuji and the cherry blossoms of spring. For Mr...[FULL STORY]

Mid East-Africa

Kenyan farmers: Insure my cows
The Economist: Middle East and Africa | April 16, 2014

AS WELL as a cheque for $700, a knowing look passed between Hassan Bashir and Bashir Mohamed, his 80-year-...[FULL STORY]


Brazil’s economy: The 50-year snooze
The Economist: The Americas | April 16, 2014

PECKISH revellers at Lollapalooza, a big music festival in São Paulo earlier this month, were in for a treat. In contrast to past years’ menus of reheated hamburgers, they could plump...[FULL STORY]


Greek politics: Remaking the political landscape
The Economist: Europe | April 16, 2014

GREECE’S chances of recovery after six years of misery are improving. Its first bond offering in four years, seen as a test of confidence, did much better than expected. Tourists are flocking in for...[FULL STORY]


The Consummate Corner

Larry Davidson

Wages Gaps Vive la Difference
Larry Davidson's Thoughts on Macro and Other Stuff | April 15, 2014

Whether it is income inequality or the gap between men’s and women’s wages, we have a President who single-handedly wants to kill that difference. And while it is impossible to argue on moral grounds that it is a good thing for people to be...[FULL STORY]

Mike Shedlock

Illinois Madness Never Stops; House Committee Wants Taxpayers to Spend $100 Million on Barack Obama Library
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis | April 19, 2014

Illinois is broke. Its public pension plans are the most troubled in the nation.Illinois passed massive "temporary" tax hikes to fix the pension...[FULL STORY]

Jerry Jasinowski

Dealing With The Skills Gap
Jerry Jasinowski | April 15, 2014

There is no question that a shortage of skilled labor -- people qualified to work in modern manufacturing -- is a major problem for most U.S. manufacturers. Our schools simply do not prepare enough young people for work in industry and the government's training...[FULL STORY]

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