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If Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down next year, his successor may be Janet Yellen. In a recent statement, she indicated that unemployment should become the priority for the Fed. It seems reasonable to want to aim all our policy guns at this plague. But many things that seem reasonable on the surface sometimes appear dead wrong after looking into them more closely.

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hyperinflationWhile inflation seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, misconceptions abound. Few concepts in economics are as misunderstood as inflation. This article examines several commonly-asked questions about inflation, and other key questions people should be asking.

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Everyone loves a tiger. Powerful, elegant – yet tricky to manage. Ireland was the Celtic Tiger during the boom of the 'zeros. But now, many economists are looking at the characteristics of a tortoise – slow, controlled, non-violent — as possibly more attractive. Is this the new Ireland?

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The possibility of Cyprus becoming the Achilles Heel of the eurozone and causing its eventual downfall has been heightened by the botched resolution to its payments crisis. This comes at a time of increased regional risk aversion as the eurozone’s plight has re-emerged on investors’ radars with Germany (and other, strong countries) seemingly more reluctant to offer blank checks.

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The two-stage municipal elections held in October 2012 were closely watched as a gauge of the effect of a notorious vote-buying scandal on the popularity of the main governing PT. In that regard, the results suggest that the PT remains in a strong position to retain control of the presidency in 2014.

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Today we are faced with government debates about the importance of managing national debt. The President’s State of the Union Address did not show a strong movement towards debt reduction. Those of us who worry that growing debt can and will lead to another economic crisis in the U.S. often point toward U.S. fiscal policy performance relative to that of other countries.

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President Barack Obama won his budget pound of flesh in the “fiscal cliff” showdown. Taxes on the “rich” are going up. But that hasn’t solved Washington’s deficit crisis. Nor would approval of the new taxes that he proposed help avoid the impending budget sequester.

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The current times are disheartening. We are in uncharted waters. Nevertheless, through my columns, I admit to being a cheerleader. I do not apologize for this. As an entrepreneur, I find it useful to think about where we are, where we have been, and where we can go in the future.

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The voters have spoken. The U.S. election of November 2012 resulted in very little visible change — Democrats retain control of the White House and the Senate, Republicans the House of Representatives and most governors’ mansions — 30 as of January. The U.S. remains a nation split fairly evenly along party lines, just as it was prior to the election. So what now?

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As a small business owner, I knew it was coming. As a skeptic of any pronouncement by the White House relating to healthcare, I knew consumers and small businesses would get socked with higher rates. And as an employer that works with private health insurance providers, I knew they would be able to manipulate Obamacare to make even more money. It has all come to pass as I had feared.

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