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Trends and Forecasts

Volatility and uncertainty are key words we’ll continue to hear. Our invaluable articles and sound analysis will help you comprehend the impact of past events and:

  • Fully grasp and prepare for the challenges ahead,
  • Make better-informed decisions that generate profits, and
  • Create more innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Identify Global Opportunities

The Manzella Report® delivers insightful articles and invaluable analysis on global business, opportunities and risks. Plus, our tremendous volume of research material will help you:

  • Understand what’s occurred and more accurately assess what’s ahead,
  • Improve your corporate strategic plan,
  • Seize the right opportunities, and boost competitiveness and profits.

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Information That Helps Drive Profits

Knowledge isn’t power—it’s everything. Our tremendous collection of informative, analytical and policy-oriented articles from world-renowned authors will help you:

  • Thrive in today's information-driven and increasingly competitive global economy,
  • Better understand the impact of trends and events,
  • Identify misinformation, decrease risks and increase revenues.

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Expand Globally 

Today, expansion isn’t important―it’s critical. To remain competitive, companies must study the quickly changing global environment and pursue fast-growing markets. Our stimulating articles and discerning intelligence will help you:

  • More quickly pursue the right markets,
  • Understand foreign environments and their challenges, and
  • Better assess opportunities, reduce risk and increase revenues.

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Economic Details

Economic News

Federal Reserve's Robert Kaplan sees no changes in interest rates this year

Economy | February 18, 2020

The central banker, in an essay released Tuesday morning, backed the wait-and-see approach that his fellow voters on the Federal Open Market Committee have adopted[FULL STORY]

General Economy

WHO reports 92 cases of human-to-human coronavirus cases outside China

Reuters Video: World News | February 18, 2020

The World Health Organization on Tuesday confirmed a total of 92 cases of human-to-human coronavirus cases in 12 countries outside China. Lauren Anthony reports.[FULL STORY]

Global Spin

Did the 2017 tax cut—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—pay for itself?

Brookings Topics - U.S. Economic Performance | February 14, 2020

By William G. Gale The Vitals Before and after passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), several prominent conservatives, including Republicans in the...[FULL STORY]


On The Global Pulse


Why is Duterte canceling the US-Philippines military cooperation agreement?

Brookings Topics - Asia and the Pacific | February 14, 2020

By Lindsey Ford, Adrianna PitaThis week, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte announced the cancellation of the 1999 Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States. While withdrawal from the military cooperation pact doesn’t dissolve the mutual defense treaty between the two countries, Lindsey Ford warns that it reinforces a narrative...[FULL STORY]

Mid East-Africa

Israel’s fury over UN settlement ‘blacklist’ is only the beginning

Brookings Topics - Middle East and North Africa | February 17, 2020

By Omar RahmanThe United Nations Human Rights office has made public a long-awaited catalogue of 112 companies doing business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The blacklist, which was...[FULL STORY]


Smoothing fracking’s boom/bust cycle

Brookings Topics - North America | July 29, 2016

Mark Muro, senior fellow and policy director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, discusses a plan to address the economic boom-bust cycle in states that rely heavily on “fracking” and how this...[FULL STORY]


Ukraine may not yet escape US domestic politics

Brookings Topics - Europe | February 18, 2020

By Steven PiferUkraine unhappily found itself at the center of the impeachment drama that played out in Washington last fall and during the first weeks of 2020. That threatened the resiliency of the U.S.-Ukraine...[FULL STORY]


The Consummate Corner

Larry Davidson

Shiny Objects and the Gold Standard

Larry Davidson's Thoughts on Macro and Other Stuff | February 18, 2020

Recently a new potential appointment to the Fed brought up the topic of the gold standard. One of my faithful readers cornered me and wondered if I had written about the gold standard, so I checked and sure enough, I don’t think I have...[FULL STORY]

Mike Shedlock

Mish Moved Off Blogger to MishTalk.Com - For Email Alerts Please Sign Up Again on MishTalk!

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis | March 20, 2016

I announced on February 22 Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress: Mish's GlobalEconomicAnalysis has Moved to MishTalk.Com. My needs outgrew blogger.The top reason is that...[FULL STORY]

Jerry Jasinowski

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