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When dealing with the White House press corps, the Obama administration is unable to concisely and informatively react to so-called scandals. Whether its the continuing Benghazi investigation, the Justice Department's tapping of AP phones, or the sensational revelations that conservative applications for tax-exempt status were given higher scrutiny and delay than other applications at the IRS, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is at a loss.

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It is still galling that this nation’s entrepreneurs and small businesses — our country’s job creators — don’t get any support. Our political parties rail against each other, determined not to let either side win. This is a giant roadblock toward economic security.

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The leadership transition that began last year came to a close at the annual March meeting of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, the advisory body of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The new party boss, Xi Jinping, took the reins of government from President Hu Jintao, and Li Keqiang replaced Wen Jiabao as prime minister.

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Public support for Spain's governing People’s Party (PP) has fallen significantly since the party was voted into office in 2011. This is a reflection of the generalized economic misery resulting from a combination of severe austerity, economic decline, and skyrocketing unemployment.

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Milos Zeman, a former prime minister and one-time leader of the left-leaning Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD), won the country’s first-ever direct presidential election. Zeman defeated Karel Schwarzenberg, the foreign minister in the current center-right government and the candidate of TOP 09, in a second-round contest held in late January.

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Although the PRI regained the presidency at elections held in July 2012, the party fell short of winning a majority in either legislative chamber. In addition, its members are far from united in their support for reforms that the new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, claims will deliver average annual real GDP growth of 6 percent.

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Although I am uncertain how the majority of Americans view this Washington sequestration soap opera, many small business owners are disgusted. Sequestration is just another example of mismanagement in a long line of examples. This is no way to run a superpower.

Government is not a business. It has different goals and objectives. Small business owners realize that managing government is unlike managing a business, and running the world’s most important power is a difficult and daunting challenge.

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Italian voters' rejection of the austerity program carried out by the technocrat administration may deliver one of several options: a Grand Coalition catering to all political tastes, a minority center-left administration or a bridging of the Bersani-Berlusconi divide. In any case, a feisty and unstable marriage in Rome is expected, whether or not fresh elections are required.

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney got himself into a lot of trouble last year by making disparaging remarks about the so-called “47 percent” of Americans who rely on the government for their needs. Actually, that number is much higher, and without a lot of those government programs, you may as well move the country to Botswana or someplace like that, which also doesn’t have indoor plumbing.

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In early November, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag presented the government’s blueprint for a new constitutional order to the Parliament. It includes proposals to transfer responsibility for appointing Cabinet members from the prime minister to the president, and to eliminate the power of the Parliament to influence personnel decisions by means of votes of no-confidence and censure motions.

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