A career in sales can be one of the most financially, professionally and emotionally rewarding experience, and it often provides the opportunity to control one’s destiny. Selling offers the freedom to make ones own schedule, working whenever you choose. And if you’re a self-starter, you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. However, if you don’t build the right skills, you can fail miserably.

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Even as the world becomes a “global village,” small to medium-sized companies continue to miss export opportunities. Most business owners believe exporting is either too expensive or inappropriate for them. But with a clear strategy and an understanding of how to seek out marketing opportunities, it is more than possible to become a successful exporter. Consider the following four steps on how to achieve exporting success.

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During the careers of international executives, many are confronted with the important question of how to establish and evaluate foreign distribution strategies and partners. To do this, consider the seven “Cs.” These include commitment, cost, continuity, coverage, capital, consistency, and control.

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As companies worldwide emerge from the Great Recession, new trends and hyper-global competition are forcing American companies to redesign business models and seek a greater edge in order to retain or increase their market positions. In turn, more and more companies are implementing important strategies to enhance both domestic and international competitiveness. Here are five essential strategies you’ll want to consider.

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Dr. Karl Schiller, West Germany’s Economics Minister between 1966 and 1972, pithily pronounced that: "Stability is not everything, but without stability, everything is nothing." I agree. In the economic sphere, instability is usually a "bad," not a "good." The world’s great destabilizer is the United States. How could this be?

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