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The Federal Reserve has kept its target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 0.25 percent since December 2008. This is often referred to as the Fed’s “zero interest rate policy,” or ZIRP. The purpose of near-zero overnight rates — and forward guidance to convince markets that those rates will be maintained — has been to affect the entire rate structure: keeping all rates lower than they would have been in a free capital market.

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The Federal Reserve’s unconventional monetary policy has pumped up asset prices by suppressing interest rates and has misallocated capital. It’s time to end the mispricing of assets and let markets determine rates without interference from the Fed. Waiting to normalize monetary policy will further inflate asset bubbles and make the ultimate normalization of rates more costly.

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Influential members of the Saudi Arabian government believe that the United States — the kingdom’s most valuable strategic ally since 1945 — has abandoned Riyadh on a host of regional issues, most notably Iran’s nuclear program. As the Saudis respond by seeking to enhance their political and economic relations with countries other than the United States, France sees an opportunity to supplant Washington as Riyadh’s closest ally.

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The idea that there’s a trade-off between inflation and unemployment seems embedded in the Federal Reserve’s psyche. The Fed has not increased its benchmark federal funds target rate since 2006. It’s waiting to see if a tighter labor market will push up wages and prices, so the Fed can achieve both full employment and its inflation target of 2 percent.

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Media outlets love to highlight the next big thing. Trend spotters love to say they know about it, and investment bankers love to bet on it. As a twenty five year Silicon Valley veteran, I’m always astonished on how often they miss what’s big. That’s probably why, when the next big thing comes out, most of us are shocked since we think the technology came out of nowhere.

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America’s “secret sauce” has provided tremendous advantages that no other country can. The “secret sauce” includes the U.S. system of free market capitalism, capital markets, rule of law, separation of church and state, entrepreneurialism, balance of power, the welcoming of immigrants, and a brilliant Constitution. Combined, these factors have promoted stability and created an environment empowering people to unleash their creativity to achieve their dreams.

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The Obama Administration's announcement that it is sending several hundred additional advisors to Iraq is consistent with America's failed policy in the country. The premise of the Obama Administration's policy — that sending "advisors" and some military equipment will enable the Iraqi government to 'man up' — is flawed. It fails to acknowledge the foundation of the problem and the dramatically altered dynamics on the ground.

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Our nation was founded by risk takers who dared to take on a challenge without any guarantee of success. They failed, time and again, but somehow found the courage to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get right back into the fight. This is the essential American story and, as a recent commencement speaker, one I shared with 350 graduating MBA students.

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The skepticism was evident in conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham’s voice when she referred to the working relationship between President Obama and Senate Majority Leader McConnell as a “burgeoning bromance.” Her sentiment is shared by a number of Republicans in Congress, who are unhappy that Senate and House leadership is working with the president to secure Trade Promotion Authority.

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French economist Thomas Piketty’s best-seller Capital in the Twenty-First Century has given widespread attention to the rising gap between the world’s rich and poor, and to populist calls for government action that lead to more equal distributions of income and wealth. That rhetoric, however, overlooks the reality that any major state role in leveling income-wealth differences risks eroding economic freedom, which is the true engine of economic progress for all people.

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