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China The slowing of the global economy is forcing China, the world's largest exporter, to confront the issue of rebalancing that primarily involves striking the right balance between the state and market. State-owned banks still dominate the financial sector and are kept profitable by a positive spread between loan and deposit rates dictated by government policy. This has resulted in financial repression that has penalized savers while rewarding banks.

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Canada is one of the most accessible markets in the world. Last year, U.S.-Canadian merchandise trade amounted to almost $600 billion—nearly 100 billion more than the United States’ next largest partner.(1)  And bilateral trade in services also was tremendous, at more than $76 billion in 2010, according to the most recent data.(2)

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As the U.S.-China relationship evolves, opportunities are increasing. At the same time, new risks, political tensions and misperceptions are emerging that can have a destabilizing impact. Being aware of these issues is important. Understanding how they may impact your business could be crucial.

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India has experienced remarkable economic growth, averaging an annual rate of 8 percent from 2000 through 2010.(1) It declined slightly to 7.2 percent last year, and is anticipated to hover just under 7 percent this year, the International Monetary Fund reports. With rising investment, production and consumption, the Indian economy has become the world’s ninth largest, at $1.7 trillion, just after Italy and before Canada.(2)

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This month, the World Trade Center São Paulo hosted the 42nd World Trade Center Association General Assembly, and what a fitting location. Over the last decade, Brazil's impressive resources, sophisticated corporations and sound macroeconomic policies have led to some remarkable achievements.

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From an economic perspective, no country better represents the Olympic motto—“faster, higher, stronger”—than China. During the last 30 years of its opening to the outside world and economic liberalization, China has grown to be the world’s third-largest trading nation and fourth-largest economy.

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Latin America is experiencing strong economic growth and its social conditions are improving at a rapid pace. Incomes are rising, the middle class is expanding and consumer demand is increasing.

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The Russian Federation requested membership in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, now the World Trade Organization (WTO), in June 1993. At various points along the way, accession appeared imminent. In recent months it appeared that Russia — the largest economy not yet admitted — could be given the green light in 2008. But if current U.S.-Russian relations remain cool, and certain issues are not remedied, this could be well off the mark.

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If you’ve been considering expanding into a rapidly growing Asian market, you might investigate India, a country similar to and different from China in many ways.

Goldman Sachs projects that India will become the world's third largest economy in less than 30 years and that India’s annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate will average 5-6 percent through 2050, while China’s will slow and fall behind India’s.

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On March 15, 2007, the United States and Vietnam signed a shipping agreement that grants U.S. maritime shippers, carriers and port operators greater access to Vietnam's transportation market. And on March 16, U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Susan Schwab and Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem announced the launch of negotiations on a bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreement. These, however, are only two of the recently signed agreements.

After almost 12 years of negotiations and 880 pages of policy commitments, on January 11, 2007, Vietnam became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). What is the anticipated impact?

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