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For at least the past three years, general managers of China-based manufacturing operations have been sharply aware of tightening labor supply and rapidly increasing labor costs. Indeed, qualified labor availability and sharply increasing wage levels have risen to the top of the list of operating challenges across a wide range of industries and sectors.

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Barely a month into his presidency, Barak Obama signed an executive order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. “I want to be clear that issues like equal pay... are not just women’s issues,” affirmed the President in remarks. “Our progress in these areas is an important measure of whether we are truly fulfilling the promise of our democracy for all our people.”

Topic: Labor
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Manufacturing employment has fallen by one-third over the past decade. Some Members of Congress contend that foreign trade has allowed American employers to offshore these jobs. In fact, technology has driven down manufacturing employment and computers have made manufacturers more productive by automating many routine tasks.

American manufacturers now employ fewer workers to produce more goods. This means less expensive goods, more manufacturing jobs for highly skilled workers, and the elimination of millions of low-skill assembly line positions. These same forces have reduced manufacturing employment around the world. Increased productivity led Chinese employers to eliminate millions of manufacturing jobs in the late 1990s.

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For both domestic and foreign companies, hiring and retaining good employees in China is difficult. In fact, this may be the biggest hurdle facing most operations there. Adding to the challenge is the entry into the workforce of China’s “Generation Y” or “80 hou,” those born in the 1980s and raised in an era of relative affluence.

With the economy once again booming and labor market conditions relatively tight, 20-somethings with just a few years of work experience are in strong demand. What is the best way to attract and hire this new breed of Chinese employee?

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Many American business people are experiencing the most challenging economic conditions they have ever incurred. In turn, every effort is focused on getting the business moving again, returning to profitability, being creative and working longer hours. So why bother with human resource development at this crucial time? Because your workforce is the differentiator between you and your competition, and it’s an essential key to renewed business success.

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For decades, America’s unmatched economic achievements have depended primarily on U.S. creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurialism. With 231,588 American utility patent applications filed just in 2008, representing 51 percent of world patents filed that year, these vital characteristics appear to be alive and well.

This, no doubt, will result in fantastic new technologically-advanced products and services, giving U.S. companies a continued competitive advantage. Plus, as American firms shed non-core functions and focus increasingly on sophisticated core competencies, they will require higher-level skills from employees. But will America’s workforce be able to supply the necessary skill sets?

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When business is good, positive feelings can be felt inside just about any organization. And why not? Sales are coming in and money is available to incentivize all performers, not just those at the top. However, during recessionary periods like this one, the tone inside most companies—perhaps even yours—is probably quite different.

What Not To Do

As sales slow, people become nervous and edgy. And although everyone may boost efforts, pressure mounts. The result: finger pointing begins and silos between departments or teams rise. And worst of all, a company culture built upon mutual trust begins to fade.

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These are tough economic times. As a business leader, you may feel engaged in a nearly impossible balancing act. Inflows and outflows. Customers and suppliers. Board members and employees. Nothing lines up!

Information Is Control

Although these are difficult economic times for many businesses, it is even worse for the workforce. Why? Because whatever decisions your business makes, you’ll have a central role. And this will make you feel in control—in the good times, like the successful captain of your ship—as well as in bad times, because you have the power and opportunity to make things right.

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As the pace of change accelerates in our age of information, few things remain the same. And like product cycles, skills cycles have been shortened. For example, “A skill cycle that once ran for three years now lasts just nine months,” says Manpower Inc., a leader in the employment services industry. Plus, finding the right employees with the appropriate skills in the first place is proving more difficult than ever. What does this mean for your business?

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America is undergoing one of the greatest periods of transformation in history. Not unlike the powerful changes caused by the industrial revolution that shaped the 19th and 20th centuries, today, globalization is shaping the 21st century and the United States is leading the way.

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