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Protecting Corporate Investments Against New Global Risks

Impact AnalysisNew political, economic and global risks are forcing companies to reassess international investments, site selection decisions, supply chain activities and backshoring options, while heightened levels of uncertainty and volatility add complexity. This engaging program analyzes the positions of President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the impact of Brexit, protectionism, energy volatility, rising wages abroad, shifting demographics, the worsening skills deficit, escalating intellectual property piracy, and rising terrorism, and offers strategies to navigate the rough waters ahead.
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Critical Risks, New Economic Realities and What’s Ahead

U.S. and global volatility is severely impacting economic growth. And new trends, the Trump presidency, emerging risks and misinformation are adding complexity. Without a clear understanding of what’s really occurring in the United states, China and Europe, it’s extremely difficult for companies to mitigate risks and soundly prepare for the future. This thought-provoking program cuts through the clutter, connects the dots, and peers into the chain reactions of what's unfolding so audiences can make better-informed decisions and develop more successful business strategies.
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China Rising: How To Prepare for What's Ahead

Impact AnalysisU.S.-Chinese trade and investment continues to climb. Yet, various aspects of the relationship grow more contentious. Many issues, including volatility, trade distortions and Chinese actions in the South China Sea, add complexity. How will the changing relationship impact business? This stimulating and insightful program separates myth from reality, offers strategies for corporations doing business in China, and analyzes issues causing friction, the emerging bilateral political and economic landscape, and what's ahead for President Xi Jinping.
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Economic Trends, Critical Issues and Survival Strategies

Impact AnalysisAmerican companies face daunting challenges ahead. Global and domestic trends and critical issues are impacting the U.S. economy, labor force, unemployment, manufacturing, site selection, and demographics. Combined with Brexit, new destructive technologies, the American energy revolution, and China rising, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to the United States and your business? This invaluable program answers these questions, reveals global dangers, forecasts what’s ahead, and provides essential survival strategies necessary to compete in the future.
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John Manzella [Speaking]


"John's presentation at our International Home & Housewares Association meeting was very on point. With the ever changing environment and issues in China, John brought some very key and thought provoking points of view to our group. These points and thoughts caused all of us to pause and reflect on where we are and what the future holds."
James L. Glenn
President and CEO, Household Essentials, LLC

"Members of the International Men's Club of America, which include many successful business leaders and professionals, are privileged to see some of the finest and most distinguished speakers at our monthly luncheon series here in Naples, Florida. John Manzella's recent speech was considered by some of our members as one of the finest presentations sponsored by the club. We are looking forward to having John speak again next year."
Mark Dines
Director at Large, International Men's Club of America

"Thank you John for your wonderful presentation. You were absolutely outstanding! We were very fortunate to have you as our keynote speaker."
Barbara Saieva
President, World Trade Association

"John's thought-provoking presentation and distillation of trends to their essence was a perfect companion to our Global Hospitality EXPO. His insights into both current and future global trends equipped our attendees to provide solutions that will have greater impact on the decision-making process."
Karl Baker
Senior Vice President, American Hotel Register

"John Manzella has been providing great information and insights on global trends to our employees and customers. One hundred percent of attendees rated his sessions "Excellent" (79%) or "Very good" (21%). Fifth Third Bank is thrilled to work with John for our international thought leadership efforts."
Peter Mack
Senior Vice President, Director of International Banking, Fifth Third Bank

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