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Economic Forecast, Emerging Risks and Survival Strategies

New drivers of growth, the Trump effect, advancements in manufacturing, the skills deficit, consumer confidence, demographic shifts, the energy revolution, free trade, globalization, shifting investment trends, automation, backshoring, a more aggressive China, and European disunion are impacting growth and corporate performance. This thought-provoking program provides analysis to better understand what has occurred, and peers into the chain reactions of what's unfolding so managers can make better-informed decisions, improve competitiveness, and develop more successful business strategies.
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Speaking Engagements & Programs
The Trump Revolution: Realities and Ripple Effect

Impact AnalysisNew risks and opportunities are forcing companies to reassess trading relationships, investments, site selection decisions, and backshoring options. Plus, heightened levels of uncertainty and possible impeachment are adding greater volatility. This engaging program analyzes the positions of President Trump with a focus on economic growth, international trade, corporate taxes, protectionism, NAFTA, China, and immigration, and provides insight on connections between political dysfunction, globalization, Brexit, and automation. Additionally, this program offers strategies to better navigate the waters ahead.
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China Rising: How To Prepare for What's Ahead

Impact AnalysisU.S.-Chinese trade and investment continues to climb. Yet, various aspects of the relationship grow more contentious. Many issues, including volatility, trade distortions, a more aggressive North Korea, and Chinese actions in the South China Sea, add complexity. How will the changing relationship impact business? This stimulating and insightful program separates myth from reality, offers strategies for corporations doing business in China, and analyzes issues causing friction, the emerging bilateral political and economic landscape, and what's ahead for President Xi Jinping.
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Speaking Engagements & Programs
Economic Trends, Critical Issues and What's Ahead

Impact AnalysisEconomic trends, critical issues, and policy positions advanced by President Trump are impacting the U.S. and world economy, international business, the labor force, manufacturing, and corporate competitiveness. Combined with Brexit, new destructive technologies, the American energy revolution, China rising, and greater levels of volatility, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to the United States and your business? This invaluable program answers many questions, reveals global dangers, forecasts what's ahead, and provides analysis to help business professionals reduce risks.
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"The audience loved your speech! Your grip on trade and globalization and its misperceptions is truly enlightening. And your explanation of trade's benefits needs to be heard and understood by all."
Tim Nowak
Executive Director, World Trade Center Saint Louis

"John's recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to follow."
Tricia Gabberty
Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Marketing, North America, HSBC Bank

"For an audience of industry professionals, many who have worked in China for years, John helped bring a much clearer picture of China’s near and longer term impact on their businesses. We will reach out to John in the future as his predictions and analyses play out for this very volatile but integral part of our industry’s supply chain."
Perry Reynolds
Vice President of Global Trade Development, International Housewares Association

"We have scheduled John to present to several of our clients. He provides useful, intelligent and insightful economic and policy information. And it’s delivered in a way that shows the impact to business and is understandable. Members have enjoyed John's material and have indicated that they would like to hear more. I encourage other organizations to schedule John to present at their meetings; your members will find value in the presentation."
Craig Addington
Senior Vice President, Thomas Associates, Inc.

"Although several months have passed, many of my members often mention your outstanding and insightful presentation. You did a wonderful job transmitting pertinent and factual information while at the same time entertaining the audience with personal interest stories."
Barbara Travis
Executive Director, Mississippi World Trade Center

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