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COVID-19, Economic Trends, Global Trade and What's Ahead

Impact AnalysisCOVID-19 and economic trends are impacting U.S. and world growth, while complexities with China, Canada, Mexico, and Europe are creating new risks. Combined with greater levels of volatility, new destructive technologies, the energy revolution, and critical issues involving skills, automation and immigration, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to your business? This invaluable program reveals global dangers, analyzes sectors, examines trading relationships, and provides insight on China's practices to help businesses understand what's ahead, reduce risk, and make better informed decisions.
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Economic Trends, Globalization and the Need to Improve American Capitalism

Impact AnalysisRising protectionism, populism and inequality, along with economic trends and Covid-19, are having a profound impact on the United States, globalization and American capitalism. Plus, skills deficits, immigration issues, and tensions with China are severely affecting industry. In addition, advances in automation and digitalization, and the need for lifelong learning are adding greater complexity. This thought-provoking program peers into the chain reactions of what’s unfolding, reveals the myths and realities of globalization, and examines the need to improve American capitalism so we don't lose it.
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International Trade, New Realities and Ripple Effects

Impact AnalysisTensions with China and rising global protectionism are forcing companies to reassess trading relationships, investments, site selection decisions, backshoring options, and supply chain operations. Plus, issues causing friction and heightened levels of volatility are adding new risks. This engaging program analyzes the positions of President-elect Joe Biden with a focus on international trade, China, USMCA, and Europe, provides insight on China’s strengths, weaknesses and practices, reveals connections between rising populism, automation and globalization, and offers strategies to better navigate the dangers ahead.
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Will COVID-19 Kill Globalization? What Companies and Workers Need to Do

COVID-19 and trade battles with China and other countries have reduced trade flows. In turn, many argue that globalization will soon be dead. Globalization isn’t dying, it’s evolving, and existing trends are accelerating. This thought provoking program provides analysis of protectionist trends, how digital technologies and automation are transforming globalization, strategies companies and workers can implement to mitigate risks and seize opportunities, what’s ahead for China trade and U.S. companies manufacturing there, and what companies should do to prepare for future threats or pandemics.
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"John Manzella's extensive research brought keen insight and fresh perspectives to understanding the complex global economy. His lively presentation was at once entertaining and thought-provoking: exactly what we were looking for!"
Richard Paullin
Executive Director, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago

"Your presentation was a very informative and factual portrayal of what is really happening with globalization and its impact on corporations. Great job!"
Jim Ireton
Managing Director, Miami Valley International Trade Association

"John's presentation at the National Poultry and Food Distributors Association's Fall Meeting left me thirsting for more! His ability to connect the dots between seemingly dissimilar economic influences and explain how, in fact, they are all woven into the same global economic fabric was outstanding. His content was enhanced by delivery that was clear, concise and easily understood."
Russ Whitman
Senior Vice President, Urner Barry

"You deeply understand U.S.-Chinese relations and we thank you for your brilliant analysis."
Zhang Yuanpeng
Director and Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences

"As our SMART Conference opening keynote speaker, John set the tone for making this year’s event the best yet. I have heard nothing but glowing remarks regarding the perspectives he shared and wisdom he imparted. John pulled back the curtain on the economy illuminating the affect global trends have on national, state and local commerce. The attending 500 business and community leaders came away better informed with an understanding of how to maneuver their communities and companies in these vol..."
Mike Fastenau
Economic Development Manager and conference sponsor, Black Hills Energy

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