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John Manzella

John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker on global business, competitive strategies and the latest economic trends. His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world's largest corporations and associations preparing for the business, economic and political challenges ahead.
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Brandon Tabassi
Relocation Director, RE/MAX Partners
"John's presentation at the New England Relocation Association conference was the sharpest and most insightful explanation of the current macro economy I’ve heard. He doesn't just "talk the talk,” he thoughtfully has mastered the factors that have led to where we are today, and understands what must be done to initiate growth in the United States and world economy. Importantly, he can convey these complex ideas in a straight-forward, clear and concise manner — something few of his peers can do. John is engaging, likable and pensive. Several members of our association ecstatically declared how impressed they were with his presentation. He should be on CNBC and CNN every day."
Intan Chen
Director, Executive MBA Program Asia, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
"John is an excellent speaker who understands global trends and U.S.-China trade very well. His insight on how U.S. Members of Congress operate is extremely informative and thought provoking to stakeholders of international business."
Wendy J. Ruud
Vice President, Independent Community Banks of North Dakota
"Independent Community Banks of North Dakota, the state trade association for community bankers, had the privilege of presenting John Manzella as a keynote speaker during our annual convention. John was super to work with and very well received by our attendees who rated him 4.8 out of 5. He conducted research on North Dakota and covered state and national economic perceptions and predictions. If you are looking for economic analysis that will keep your audience engaged and informed, I highly recommend having John speak at your next event."
Jason Blake
Executive Vice President & COO, Associated Equipment Distributors & The AED Foundation
"John's presentation on economic trends and global trade at our executive conference was excellent. He gave an in-depth analysis of the global economy in a way that really resonated with and engaged our members. His was a session that many attendees continued to discuss throughout the event. We look forward to working with him again."
James Lenz
Professional Development Manager, Credit Union Executives Society (CUES)
"John Manzella provided rich, detailed, and relevant information to help support the needs of our credit union leaders. The executives and board of directors in attendance were able to understand the impact of existing trends and how to operate cautiously to reduce risks in the year ahead."
George Radanovich
President, California Fresh Fruit Association
"John recently spoke to members of the California Fresh Fruit Association during our 83rd Annual Meeting. His insight, clear business applications and honest assessment of the international business climate was well received. His use of timely statistics and up to date descriptions of business challenges had those in the crowd nodding in agreement. John is an engaging speaker and we would recommend his services to anyone in the business industry! – George Radanovich, President, California Fresh Fruit Association"
Rich Hallock
Vice President, The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International
"The antidote to information overload comes from John Manzella’s insights and clear business recommendations, based on his detailed analysis and understanding of complex and often disparate information. As business professionals, we’re both blessed and burdened with abundant information, statistics, news, data, opinions, and outright conjecture. What does it all mean, and what should our business do? John Manzella identifies importance from noise, and delivers his insights in an actionable and entertaining manner. When John Manzella spoke at our California Fresh Fruit Association’s annual meeting, the room was full and the audience of business principals was fully engaged."
Sundar Ananthasivan
Vice President, Engineering and R&D, Wausau Window and Wall Systems
"John's recent speech was thought-provoking, captivating and based on sound data and his personal experiences abroad. In a humble manner, he delivered his observations and analysis on international trade, policy and the economy in a very concise and easily understandable manner while supporting valuable discussion among attendees. This was John's second AAMA presentation in two years. I look forward to another fantastic event with him again soon."
Sundar Ananthasivan
Vice President, Engineering and R&D, Wausau Window and Wall Systems
"I had an opportunity to hear John at the annual architectural manufacturers conference recently. John spoke about the world economy and the impact on manufacturers of various policies as it affects commodity prices and trade. John's speech was thought-provoking filled with data from various economic reports and his direct engagement in various countries. John in a very humble manner delivers his observations with data that is relatable very clearly to the area and policy he is speaking about and is very thoughtful and clear in his articulation. He engages the group very well and allows for the audience to gain insight from each other on the policy and impact for the topic at hand. I look forward to hearing him soon again."
Susannah Porr
Executive Director, National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors
"John Manzella’s keynote speech at the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors’ Annual Convention was beyond our expectations. He gave an in-depth look at the world economy in a way all our members could understand. We look forward to having him come back again very soon."
Steve Chelette
Sr. Managing Partner, HOPE Collaborators, LLC.
"As a Disruptive Innovation expert, I’ve sat through many information-dense presentations. In our increasingly complex and dynamic global environment, John is a master at aggregating and analyzing a wide spectrum of important information and presenting it to a diverse audience in a meaningful and relevant style. I appreciate that he doesn't get drawn into the emotional politics of the day while maintaining clarity on the impact of policies and market drivers."
Iain Vasey
President and CEO, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation
"John spoke at our Annual General Meeting to 600 of our industry leaders and governing entities. He did a great job detailing the impact and opportunities presented by the current economic situation without playing the political blame game. Our investors left the meeting pleased with how informed they were about the global economic factors that will impact their businesses in the year to come."
Adam Jones-Kelley
President, Conway, Inc.
"John is a world-renowned expert on global economic trends and how they’ll affect us. His presentation at our TrustBelt Conference was outstanding — detailed, informative and thought-provoking."
Russ Whitman
Senior Vice President, Urner Barry
"John's presentation at the National Poultry and Food Distributors Association's Fall Meeting left me thirsting for more! His ability to connect the dots between seemingly dissimilar economic influences and explain how, in fact, they are all woven into the same global economic fabric was outstanding. His content was enhanced by delivery that was clear, concise and easily understood."
Russ Whitman
Senior Vice President, Urner Barry
"John's presentation at the National Poultry and Food Distributors Association's Fall Meeting left me thirsting for more! His ability to connect the dots between seemingly dissimilar economic influences and explain how, in fact, they are all woven into the same global economic fabric was outstanding. His content was enhanced by delivery that was clear, concise and easily understood."
Mark DePasquale
President, National Portable Storage Association
"John Manzella’s presentation at the National Portable Storage Association’s Fall Seminar was spot on. He gave us a bird's eye view of the current global economy and world trade policies, and was able to boil that down to the likely impact on our members at a very local level in the near term."
Florence Nicolici
Meetings Manager, American Architectural Manufacturers Association
"In an easy-to-understand and engaging way, John does an excellent job of laying out current economic variables and showing how they connect within the bigger picture."
Tito Rodriguez
Adjunct Professor, International Business, Daemen College
"John has the pulse of global business and factors that impact economic growth worldwide. In recent presentations to both undergraduate and graduate students, he translated and synthesized substantial amounts of trade and political news into practical and useful information. While we can learn much from textbooks, listening to John clarify, illuminate and explain what we see in the world of international business made it real and enhanced learning."
Tricia Gabberty
Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Marketing, North America, HSBC Bank
"John's recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to follow."
Mike Fastenau
Economic Development Manager and conference sponsor, Black Hills Energy
"As our SMART Conference opening keynote speaker, John set the tone for making this year’s event the best yet. I have heard nothing but glowing remarks regarding the perspectives he shared and wisdom he imparted. John pulled back the curtain on the economy illuminating the affect global trends have on national, state and local commerce. The attending 500 business and community leaders came away better informed with an understanding of how to maneuver their communities and companies in these volatile economic times."
Beverley A. Seif
Vice President and General Manager Mohawk Global Trade Advisors
"John's presentation brought a sense of balance to the volatile economic fluctuations we are currently experiencing. He is thorough, knowledgeable and engaging with an uncanny ability to draw the audience in regardless of their level of international economic experience. John was so popular at our last Trade Fest we brought him back to speak at our event again this year."
Dr. Phil Hancock CPSM, CPSD, MCIOBS
Managing Director, Glenochil Associates, LLC
"John's presentation on international economic trends spotlighting current U.S.–Chinese relations was exquisite and insightful. I particularly enjoyed his analysis of historic trends while cross-referencing quality sources. The web of information presented, although complex, was delivered in an easy to understand and practical way that I personally relished. The mainly American audience had representation from Ghana, Indonesia, UK, Scotland, and Canada that brought a unique dynamic to a very lively Q&A discussion. This was easily the best presentation on U.S.-Chinese relations I have attended."
Catherine Dumont
High Tech Marketing Manager Northeast District, UPS
"John is an extremely insightful and dynamic speaker. He eloquently provided his thought leadership around current economic and global trends in a way that truly resonated with the audience. It was a privilege and an honor to have John as our guest speaker."
Hampton Dowling
Managing Partner, The HCB Group, LLC.
"John has a rare gift; that of converting complexities of today's dramatically changing world economy into digestible parts the business audience can understand—and apply. As Chair of Virginia's Committee on International Trade, I can say John's keynote address to the Commonwealth's World Trade Conference was energetic, offered comprehensive insight, and a balanced forecast of variables the audience was then empowered to consider during coming months of changing public policies, trade negotiations and tax reforms. John's on-spot, with skillful contribution to economic discourse. Well done."
Peter Mack
Senior Vice President, Director of International Banking, Fifth Third Bank
"John Manzella has been providing great information and insights on global trends to our employees and customers. One hundred percent of attendees rated his sessions "Excellent" (79%) or "Very good" (21%). Fifth Third Bank is thrilled to work with John for our international thought leadership efforts."
Craig Addington
Senior Vice President, Thomas Associates, Inc.
"We have scheduled John to present to several of our clients. He provides useful, intelligent and insightful economic and policy information. And it’s delivered in a way that shows the impact to business and is understandable. Members have enjoyed John's material and have indicated that they would like to hear more. I encourage other organizations to schedule John to present at their meetings; your members will find value in the presentation."
Ray Schey
Publisher, Phoenix Business Journal
"John Manzella's presentation to an audience of more than 700 at our annual Economic Forecast in Phoenix was extremely well received. John's command of the material was very impressive and many who attended commented that he was one of the best speakers we'd had in some time. I would recommend John highly for any business or organization looking for a qualified speaker with excellent presentation skills that keeps the audience interested and engaged."
Karl Kaliebe
Executive Director, World Trade Center Tampa Bay
"John provided a timely perspective on today’s international economic situation. His presentation was informative and very entertaining for everyone who attended regardless of international or economic experience."
Bill Iannarelli
Director, Freed Maxick CPAs
"John's many years of experience in the area of global economics, business and policy provided a fresh and insightful perspective on today's international marketplace. Any organization with global aspirations should spend some time working with John as it will be time well spent!"
Ann Demopoulos
Twentieth Century Club
"John Manzella provided an enlightening speech on the complexities of global business, various economic issues and their impact. The subject was narrated in an easy to understand, compelling and entertaining manner that kept the audience on the edge of their chairs. We are looking forward to having John speak to us again soon."
Haley Metcalf
Event Manager, Phoenix Business Journal
"As this year’s returning speaker of the Economic Forecast held by the Phoenix Business Journal and SRP, John Manzella has made a name for himself here in Phoenix. He delivered great content and certainly understands global business, economics and China trade. The comments I received after the event were tremendous. He connected with our audience and clearly captured their attention. A special thanks to John for making this event extremely successful two years in a row."
Hazel J. Pankey
Director of Conference Programs, Industrial Asset Management Council
"Your keynote presentation confronted the brutal facts and provided insight on the trade deficit, business trends and global manufacturing. Registrants described your presentation as a home run!"
Theodora von Hohenstaufen Noll
Virginia Economic Development Partnership
"Our attendees found your presentation outstanding and packed with insight. It was obvious that you are in the know on the pressing issues making headlines across the world. I can categorically say that you gave the most outstanding presentation I have heard in my history of involvement with the conference."
Gar Grannell
President and CEO, Mohawk Global Logistics
"John's presentation on global trends, critical business issues and survival strategies at our Trade Fest was both insightful and engaging. Based on data he cited, it was evident John did his homework. He was extremely well prepared and is indeed an expert in the field of international business. We will ask him to return to speak at our Trade Fest next year."
Marvin Easton
Program Director, International Men’s Club of America
"John's presentation was most informative and enlightening. He kept the audience on the edge of their chairs. This was John's second engagement with us in two years. We need to bring him back every year."
Jim Barger
Commercial Banking Manager and SVP, KeyBank
"John's presentation on international economic trends at our client seminar was very informative and professionally delivered. We received great feedback from our clients after the seminar. Thank you, John!"
Zhang Yuanpeng
Director and Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences
"You deeply understand U.S.-Chinese relations and we thank you for your brilliant analysis."
Jack F. Nicholson
Program Director, International Men’s Club of America
"John Manzella’s recent speech exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Our members were very impressed with his extensive knowledge and insight of international commerce, global politics, manufacturing, trade, and China. Manzella is a polished speaker who captured our attention and left us better educated."
Al Testa
Vice President, APICS Buffalo Chapter
"John’s presentation was very informative, relevant and well done. While the topic was complex, he put it in terms the audience easily grasped. John’s analysis of past events and forecasts were provided in a practical way that enabled our audience to leverage the information, make better informed decisions and prepare for what’s down the road. Easily one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of hearing. I highly recommend his seminars and latest book."
Dan Raftery
Facilitator, International Housewares Association
"John's presentation on the events and trends inside China and his forecasts for the near term provided a range of valuable insights for the audience at the 2015 Chief Housewares Executive Super Session sponsored by the International Housewares Association. His very professional presentation was followed by a lively Q&A which he fielded also like a pro."
Anne Rickard
Senior Marketing Strategist, SRP
"SRP has been the presenting sponsor of the Phoenix Business Journal Economic Forecast breakfast for over 10 years. We have had various keynote speakers, but none were as impactful, engaging and relevant as John Manzella. Our commercial customers look forward to this event every year and have high expectations for the speakers we provide. John exceeded those expectations in every way and was a major contributor in making this the most successful breakfast yet."
John Rowney
Former Divisional President, Ocean Marine Division, Great American Insurance Co.
"John's keynote and remarks about the positive American economic outlook and the premium on knowledge as the only strategic, competitive advantage were inspiring. We've worked with John for over 15 years and find him to be a valuable business partner."
Mark Dines
Director at Large, International Men's Club of America
"Members of the International Men's Club of America, which include many successful business leaders and professionals, are privileged to see some of the finest and most distinguished speakers at our monthly luncheon series here in Naples, Florida. John Manzella's recent speech was considered by some of our members as one of the finest presentations sponsored by the club. We are looking forward to having John speak again next year."
James L. Glenn
President and CEO, Household Essentials, LLC
"John's presentation at our International Home & Housewares Association meeting was very on point. With the ever changing environment and issues in China, John brought some very key and thought provoking points of view to our group. These points and thoughts caused all of us to pause and reflect on where we are and what the future holds."
Richard Paullin
Executive Director, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago
"John Manzella's extensive research brought keen insight and fresh perspectives to understanding the complex global economy. His lively presentation was at once entertaining and thought-provoking: exactly what we were looking for!"
Mary Ann Zylka
Adjunct Faculty/Business Administration Department, Buffalo State College
"John's presentation on global and economic trends given to International Marketing students at Buffalo State College was outstanding. The students were thoroughly engaged in his lecture, especially with his expertise in China."
Karl Baker
Senior Vice President, American Hotel Register
"John's thought-provoking presentation and distillation of trends to their essence was a perfect companion to our Global Hospitality EXPO. His insights into both current and future global trends equipped our attendees to provide solutions that will have greater impact on the decision-making process."
Thomas S. Norwalk
board member, International Trade Association of Southwest Ohio
"As our keynote speaker on World Trade Day, John Manzella gave a brilliant presentation based on his extensive research and understanding of global trends, trade legislation and political realities. He has my highest recommendation."
Carl Diem
President, CDI International
"John gave an excellent, engaging and in-depth talk on the current and pressing issues facing global enterprises. The feed back from our member organizations in attendance was extremely positive. Special thanks, John!"
Barbara Saieva
President, World Trade Association
"Thank you John for your wonderful presentation. You were absolutely outstanding! We were very fortunate to have you as our keynote speaker."
Liang Fook
Assistant Director and Research Fellow, East Asia Institute
"The audience was immediately struck by John Manzella's breadth and depth of knowledge, especially on the state of the world economy, developments in the United States, and trends in the Asia-Pacific region. We would love to have him back again."
Larry J. Leaven
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Sweet Home Central School District
"John's deep knowledge-base and thoughtful presentational style causes his audience to lean in, to consider, and to walk away with a broader sense of the world community. Participants, young and old, have a new lens with which to view the world community as a result of their time with John!"
Sharleen Leong Meilin
Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University
"John presented a very insightful and in-depth analysis of U.S.-China relations. I look forward to hearing another insightful presentation in the future."
Anthony J. Day
Superintendent, Sweet Home School District
"John brings deep knowledge and keen insight into the dynamic nature of today's global marketplace. As an educator, he helps us reflect on our role as educators in preparing young people to take their place in this rapidly changing world."
Martin Yuoon
Assistant Executive Director, Singapore Business Federation
"John shared key lessons on how to conduct effective advocacy. As the voice of the Singapore business community, we appreciate his insights and useful learning points."
Jim Ireton
Managing Director, MVITA
"It was great to have you back for another excellent presentation. Your China analysis was very insightful and certainly stimulated the audience's thinking. Your previous presentation was a very informative portrayal of what is really happening with globalization and its impact on corporations. Great job!"
Perry Reynolds
Vice President of Global Trade Development, International Housewares Association
"For an audience of industry professionals, many who have worked in China for years, John helped bring a much clearer picture of China’s near and longer term impact on their businesses. We will reach out to John in the future as his predictions and analyses play out for this very volatile but integral part of our industry’s supply chain."
Tim Nowak
Executive Director, World Trade Center Saint Louis
"The audience loved your speech! Your grip on trade and globalization and its misperceptions is truly enlightening. And your explanation of trade's benefits needs to be heard and understood by all."
Jim Ireton
Managing Director, Miami Valley International Trade Association
"Your presentation was a very informative and factual portrayal of what is really happening with globalization and its impact on corporations. Great job!"
Dick Rush
President & CEO, The State Chamber of Oklahoma
"Your surgical analysis of globalization, outsourcing and related issues was extremely enlightening and must be told to help all understand the need for America to get in the game and compete on the world stage. Well done!"
Barbara Travis
Executive Director, Mississippi World Trade Center
"Although several months have passed, many of my members often mention your outstanding and insightful presentation. You did a wonderful job transmitting pertinent and factual information while at the same time entertaining the audience with personal interest stories."
Larry Davidson
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Indiana University Kelley School of Business
"Not one to shy away from controversy, Manzella helps us grapple with today's most sensitive global economic issues. His answers are honest and stimulating."